The North Dakota Racquetball Association is a non-profit organization for educational purposes, designed to foster the development of the sport of Racquetball in the State of North Dakota.  The association offers groups and individuals, who desire to join in membership for advancement of Racquetball, an opportunity to participate and contribute to that growth.  These purposes are fulfilled through aims and objectives.  Some of the aims and objectives are, but not limited to the following:

A.       To stimulate the interest of people, particularly youth, in healthy sport participation through Racquetball.

B.      To promote healthy, high quality local and state tournaments.

C.      To establish an effective means of communication for transmission of useful ideas, aids, literature, films, research material; whereby coaches and athletes will be informed of the latest developments and techniques in Racquetball.

D.      To establish State Racquetball clinics.

E.       To operate not for profit, and exclusively for educational and charitable purposes.